November 5th, 2006

Cyclor - cannibal lord of the pumpkins!

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Halloween pictures! Including Cyclor, costumes, and random animal pictures!

I didn't notice until I uploaded the pictures that I put Cyclor's eye in crooked. I was kind of in a rush to finish carving him so I could put my costume on. Also, Bonnie thinks Katie's friend Codey is really effeminate, and one day he'll realize he's gay. Bwahahahaaaaa.

Oh, and I forgot to post about this earlier. Nick came over the other day (after delicious Indian food), and we watched Mirrormask. We ended up playing Connect Four in the basement for a while, and he kept losing roughly 3/4 of the time. He won a round and said something like "score one for the Nickster!" So I joked about calling him that from now on. And then he suddenly started winning most of the games. Apparently being "the Nickster" made him tremendously better at Connect Four. He still beat me at chess though, even after I took out his queen in like the 3rd move (ha!).

I had also checked out a Family Guy DVD from Netflix, and Katie really wanted to watch it too. So the other day, I brought it over to Dad's house to watch with them. Then she suddenly declared she had a bunch of phone calls to make (with deadlines, too!), and she didn't want to watch Family Guy with us. *shakes head* My dad had never seen Family Guy, but he was an instant convert. Well, I got another one today, and my mom and Katie watched some of that. My mom had also never seen Family Guy, but she seemed to like it too. Fun for the whole family, I guess.

I got a letter from hy health insurance company today telling me they've slightly increased the rate... and it explained their policies on mastectomies. Uh... thank you, I think?
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