November 8th, 2006

Cyclor - cannibal lord of the pumpkins!

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For the record, I didn't vote. Mostly because I'm not into politics and didn't know who to vote for, or who was running, for that matter. I mean, if there was a checkbox that said "Not Santorum," I would have voted. Hell, I probably should have written in "Cyclor." I'm sure a cannibalistic, megalomaniacal pumpkin would make a much better politician than any of those human candidates. (A pumpkin in every pot, and a kitten in every home!) But I was busy today. I'll vote next time, when I know who's running. I just hope "The frothy mixture that says 'I love you'" goes bye bye.

For one thing, while I was at Francesca's, I went out to put something in my car, and her cat Ganesh slipped out. He's not supposed to go out without a leash on, but he's a sneaky little devil. So I called to him, chased him around the yard, the works. Then he snuck into the crawl space under the house. I opened the door to the crawl space to go find him. No Ganesh. So I went back outside, and he was sitting on the front porch. I went and opened the door, told him to go in, and gave him a "don't MAKE me pounce on you" look, and he hesitated for a moment, gave me a "you may have won THIS battle, but you haven't won the war!" look, then went in. Francesca was surprised he actually went in when I told him to, because she's had to chase him up the street before, despite her limited mobility. The almighty Ade, cat wrangler extraordinaire, strikes again!

While I was driving back tonight, up ahead in the distance, over the trees, the sky lit up in this wonderful orange for a few seconds, then dimmed again. It was so beautiful, but it made me wonder if there was a big explosion somewhere. *shrugs*

Hufflepuff is the Argo of Hogwarts. I bet they play Wizard's DnD all the time (watching miniatures fight is half the fun!).
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Cyclor - cannibal lord of the pumpkins!

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So we're sitting there eating the stir fry I made for dinner, and Katie takes one bite of the wild rice (I didn't make that, but it was a little bland) and spits it out. She proceeds to devour the delicious stir fry. I ask if she likes it. Yes. She picks up a piece of tofu (which I thought she wouldn't like), takes a bite, and asks if it's goat ass. Yes, I cook with goat ass all the time. But she seemed to like that too. So in this household, tofu shall now be called goat ass.

I was walking with the Bonnies and the dogs today, and Bonnie had another "my mother" story for us. So her elderly mother went to vote... and told the people working there that there was a problem with her ballot, because the president wasn't on there.

And I thought I was clueless in the political area.

Speaking of that, I want to clarify something for those of you who are less apathetic than me. First of all, I don't align with any party and don't plan to. According to several political alignment tests I've taken online, my views tend to lean towards Libertarian, and I'm moderately liberal (it depends on the issue though - I'm rather conservative when it comes to things like gun laws and extremely liberal concerning gay marriage). I don't support the war, but I think current taxes are ridiculous. I'm not a republican, but I'm not a democrat either, and I have no interest in either party. The current political system is extremely corrupt at this time, has been for a while, and probably will be for a while too. What I really can't stand is both parties constantly bashing each other, stereotyping, and judging other people based on political beliefs. It's ridiculous. I have friends all over the political spectrum. I'm generally a neutral person, so when I do vote (when I know more about who is running), I vote based on which candidate I think will be a better leader and I agree with more, NOT who belongs to a certain party. I don't like Santorum not because he's a republican, but because I strongly disagree with his positions on many issues I care about. I don't know much about Casey, so I don't know what kind of leader he'll be, but I'm glad that Santorum is out.

I'm not entirely apathetic to politics, there are many issues I do care about. Like I think workers should all be paid wages they can live on, no matter their industry (Henry Ford paid his workers a living wage because he wanted them to be able to afford his cars - I think modern businesses could learn a great deal from this). I also think two consenting adults who want to get married should be able to, regardless of race, age (provided they're adults, of course), economic status, or gender. Or even if people don't want to call the union "marriage" and keep that particular institution traditional, gay couples should at least have an equal alternative with all the benefits heterosexual couples have. As for the war, I don't support it and think that war is always unnecessary. Yes, I know I've spent countless hours waging war in video games, and it's fun when you're killing fake people and destroying fake things, but the reality of war is nothing but horror and does nothing in the long run but destroy. War does not bring peace. Sure, the current war has helped reform some areas and brought one tyrant to justice. But Bin Laden is still out there, innocent people are slaughtered daily, and it's time to just end it already. I mean, doing something was better than just sitting there doing nothing, but it didn't have to explode into a war. And as for taxes, I'm kind of an idiot when it comes to financial stuff, but people shouldn't be forking so much of their hard-earned money over to the government, especially when many can barely even afford to live.

I'm just not passionate about politics like some people are. Political discussions bore me to death, and they just make people argue a lot. People get so worked up just over disagreeing with other people. Sure, there are important issues that affect everyone's lives. But I'm not someone who gets passionate about everything. Yes, there are starving children all over the world, but I can't spend all my time trying to help them AND writing letters to congresspeople about disappearing wetlands AND doing everything else I can to make the world run the way I think it should. I do what I can, like buying local, organic foods as much as I can, paying my bills on time, and even signing the occasional petition. I think people get too worked up over politics and spend so much time arguing and naysaying each other that they forget what's important. That's why I seem apathetic and avoid political discussions. I'm just tired of all the tension and nastiness that seem to go along with anything political these days. So soapbox it all you want, but don't get after me if I'm not listening. If you have something new and interesting to add, that's fine, but don't go on and on about why your opponent should be skewered and roasted. Unless your opponent is particularly delicious.

For those of you who tell me I should vote one way, I'll tell you this. Don't tell me I should vote one way because the other guy is a douche. If you think I should vote for a specific candidate, tell me about their positions on issues I care about, and include the other side's. Be nice about it. If you tell me to vote democrat because republicans are heartless, evil hillbillies, I'm just going to think that democrats are bitchy and judgmental. And vice versa. If you tell me I should vote for Mr. Bob because Mr. Bob supports finding homes for abandoned puppies while Mr. Schmuck supports killing abandoned puppies, and there's truth to your statements, I might be more inclined to support Mr. Bob. But don't tell me I should vote for Mr. Bob because Mr. Schmuck rapes babies.

Oh yes, and I will always support my favorite politician, CYCLOR, CANNIBAL LORD OF THE PUMPKINS!!!!!!! Because he likes kittens.

Anyway, I'm glad the election is over so the phone will stop ringing every 3 seconds with all sorts of political crap. Maybe I'll start answering the phone here again. Unless my mom's geriatric friend Jean keeps calling all the time.
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