November 9th, 2006


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So, here are some ridiculous quotes from the last 10 minutes:

Katie: Yeah, I looked at the tofu and goat's ass was the first thing that came to mind.
Ade: Do you often look at goat asses?
Katie: No, I've never even seen a live goat before!
Ade: You've never been to a petting zoo?
Katie: Oh yeah, remember when I was 3 and that goat stole my lollipop?
Ade: No, but it probably happened anyway.
Katie: Yeah, Dad got it on tape. I was eating a lollipop and then the llama stole it.
Ade: Llama?
Katie: I mean, turkey! I mean, donkey!
Ade: You mean goat.
Katie: Yeah! Well, donkeys and goats are like the same anyway.
Ade: Um...
Katie: Well, donkeys are jackasses and goats are like... *does an impression with horns and hoof scraping the ground* Oh wait, that's a ram.
Ade: We're going on a field trip to a farm so you can learn the differences between animals.

Ade: Your mom is anatomically correct!
Katie: Your dad is anatamomi... claustrophobically correct!
Ade: What?!
Katie: Yeah, it's like spina bifida.

Katie: Mom, I'm airing Ade!

And now, for some recent dreams. A couple nights ago, I dreamed that I met this guy at Alpha or something. He was probably in his late teens, kind of short and chubby, with blond hair. I asked him where he lived, and he said "91 Westgate." That was the address of where my grandparents used to live in Wellesley, Massachusetts, a big red house on the corner. So I was going to go stay overnight at his house (not in a sexual way or anything, we were just friends). I was talking about how I remembered the house when we used to go visit, and it looked pretty much the same from the outside as it did in real life, except there were all these stairs leading to the sun room, which was apparently the entrance his family used. In my dreams, buildings rarely look like they do in actual life, but the house was similar to the way I remember it, with some abstract touches. The inside was different since there was another family living there, of course. The living room had a huge ceiling with these ladder-like things leading up to the ceiling. I told the guy I used to bring Christmas presents up there when I was younger (?). There was also a hexagonal closet in one corner of the room. We went into the kitchen, but his parents had remodeled it. It looked amazing. The whole kitchen was circular, with one entrance from the dining room, and the countertops were a light green. They had all sorts of cooking things out, and it was probably the coolest kitchen setup I'd ever seen (too bad it was just a dream). His parents were in there, and I told them my grandparents used to live there. I was looking forward to seeing the rest of the house, but that's where the dream ended.

Last night I dreamed that I lived in this big building that was either a castle, apartment complex, or hotel, and it was kind of like a college dorm, only the rooms were bigger. Actually, I think a couple girls who lived down the hall from me freshman year lived there. Anyway, I had a baby. It was very tiny, smaller than my fist, and it looked like a wad of dough with a baby face. It was only the head on the first day, and then I guess after that, it grew a body. So I was sitting on the floor, looking at this newborn baby dough head, and it licked the floor. "Good," I thought, "She's learning about the world already." I think the father was my story character, Andy. I think my mom had also just had a baby. After the baby-head scene, I was walking around what was apparently a combination of Confluence and a craft show. My mom had bought me a custom-made wooden bed (I think Wen Spencer made it, which I found hilarious), and I was trying to paint the carved leaves on it. She was talking to someone else about having just given birth. Weird. There was also a scene where I was talking to some woman with strange golden hair. It was so long that it covered the outside of her house in fabric-covered panels, and the hair on her head had an interesting texture, she must have ironed the fabric to it. And my sister was trying to drive off to some party.

My dreams are full of crazy. I'm still wondering what's with the baby head.
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