November 20th, 2006


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Last night I dreamed that I was up at Allegheny, walking around the campus in the evening. I was up by that street north of Oddfellows, and when I walked along it, I noticed there was a party at one of the houses. Rose was sitting on the front porch, and I looked inside the house. I saw that my mom's brothers Clarke and Jon were standing by the back door, wearing nice suits, and I waved to them. I told Rose, "My uncles are the doormen, but I don't want to go here," and left. I went down by Brooks, and there was a party going on there too. Thom and Nick walked out (Nick had short, neat hair and wore a nice shirt and tie, which didn't seem odd to me until I woke up), so I talked to them. We walked back along that road and talked to Rose again. She said that her mom was living in that house by herself but had three available rooms, and she said we could move in if we gave her mom 3 days notice. Thom got really excited, and I think Nick did too. I thought, "Yeah, we should totally move in!" But then I remembered that I was going to North Carolina in a few days. And then I woke up.

Yesterday I was getting out of my car and noticed that there was glitter all over the back seat (I've had my fairy wings in there for a few weeks). I found it very amusing.

Also, my neighbor's quesadilla maker is really cool.
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