December 2nd, 2006


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Recent stuff:

- I had a job interview a few days ago, it went all right. I should have an answer by Monday. If yes, YAY, if no, oh well. The interviewer gave me a short test. The first questions were spelling and sentence-related. Well, I obviously must have failed that part, because yinz no wut a horibel splelr n gramerist me is.
- I looked at some apartments yesterday. I toured one place that seems to be just what I'm looking for, but it's a wee bit more than I want to spend (not by much, though, and it's still a good deal), and they charge pet rent (if I got a cat - the lady said they wouldn't charge that if I just had my rat)). But my only issues with the place were somewhat minor financial ones, and if I get a job and make a half-decent salary, I can overlook that. A good living situation is more important than money, and the place is still affordable. So we'll see.
- My cousin Kara and my aunt Barb (and maybe my cousin Danny too) have strep. I'm hoping that what I read about strep not being contagious 24-48 hours after starting antibiotics is true. I hope that sentence made sense. The kids are coming over for a couple hours tomorrow morning, so I hope I don't catch it. They didn't come over for dinner tonight (they usually go to Grandma's for dinner on Fridays) because they didn't want to contaminate Angela (she's pregnant and kind of a hypochondriac). But Allen and Angela came over for dinner, and we also had apple pie.
- I also confirmed tonight that I like apple pies made with McIntosh better than Granny Smith (I like to make mine with McIntosh, and Grandma likes to make hers with Granny Smith), and I like chunky pieces of apple more than thin slices. And I like my crusts a little better. But her pies are still good. Shhhhhhh. This will be our little secret. Which I'm posting in a public entry on the internet.
- Speaking of that, Grandma is thinking about getting a computer so she can do some genealogy research on the internet (plus, she's kind of bored and doesn't have much to do). For a long time she didn't want a computer because my Grandpa was pretty much on the computer constantly and would stay on until the wee hours (hmmm, so being magnetized to the computer must be hereditary). But now she needs something to do, so we've been discussing what kind of computer she should get and what kind of internet service. I think she should get a basic desktop model (lots of memory, Windows XP, a good-sized monitor, and not too many extras she wouldn't use) and cable internet service (she probably wouldn't be online a lot, but she doesn't want to tie up a phone line, and she doesn't need wireless).
- Her cat Kelly occasionally lets me pet her now. The cat lady strikes again! Kelly won't let anyone near her except Grandma and sometimes Barb, but we're becoming buddies. What can I say? I have a way with cats. And I didn't even have to break out the kitty treats (my no-fail secret weapon of goodness that gains the trust of even the most reclusive felines).
- Does anyone know an inexpensive method for testing for food allergies that doesn't involve needles or uncomfortable medical things? Does such a method exist? Because I want to find out what substance in certain kinds of dairy products gives me a weird feeling in my stomach. I'm fine with a lot of dairy products (like cheddar and regular milk), but some (like the white cheese at Mexican restaurants and certain types of ice cream) give me a funny feeling. It doesn't hurt or make me nauseous, it just feels uncomfortable, kind of like the feeling I get after consuming MSG, only less pronounced and without other side effects. I think it might be some preservative or a certain ingredient, but I doubt I'm lactose intolerant or anything like that. This has appeared in the last couple years and seems to be bothering me more now. It's nothing major, I just want to know what I should be avoiding.

Well, off to bed, for tomorrow shall be another adventure.
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