December 11th, 2006

Dil Domicile

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I was wrapping Christmas presents with Aunt Barb and Uncle Sam to send to the kids in Washington tonight. I was wrapping everything in my beautiful, creative fashion (hey, the kids are going to tear off the paper in 2 seconds and won't notice the awkward flap on one side or the 50 pieces of tape holding one lumpy area together). Barb mixed us a cocktail, I guess it was champagne and brandy, or whatever the punch was that got my dad plastered in the infamous Christmas Eve incident 6 years ago (we were retelling the tale and laughing about that too). Sam took about 2 sips of his and ended up spilling a bunch on the table where we were wrapping, so hopefully the presents won't smell too much like booze. But I am not drunk. I had 2 glasses and only felt the warm feeling in my chest, not the dizziness and giggliness and singingness that comes with tipsiness. Actually, I think I'm a better wrapper with a bit of alcohol in my system. Then I'm not trying to awkwardly wrap things from the side and making it look like one of the kids tried to wrap it.

Anyway, I have a second interview on Thursday, and I will probably find out then if I have a job. The lady said some things changed last week and now they're hiring more than one person, so we'll see. I was going to drive back to PA tomorrow, but I guess I'll go back on Friday, unless this gets dragged out longer (hopefully not, the antici......say it!...pation is driving me nuts).

Dude. I was at Barnes and Noble yesterday checking out the buy 2 get 1 free puzzle books, and they had this awesome "Snakes on a Sudoku" book. Yes. The bastard child of Snakes on a Plane and Sudoku. So I had to buy it. Instead of 3x3 boxes, there are snakes. I did a couple of them and didn't get bitten in the eye or any private parts (yet), but it did make things more interesting.
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