December 27th, 2006

Squeekers and Dante

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I bought myself and Squeekers a present today. A new rat friend.

I went to Mad Mex with Sarah and Atilla, and afterwards we went to Petland since they had some boy-rats, and I had seen a cute almost-adult one (about 15 weeks old, the guy said) snoozing there (they had a few babies, but they were too high for me to see, and I wanted a grownup one since Squeekers is older). He's a hooded rat, light brown and white, with ruby eyes. He seems very nice and healthy (shy at first, of course, but I just got him, and he'll warm up to us). I put him in the spare aquarium so I can quarantine him before introducing him to Squeekers.

We named him Jiraiya. We were debating what to name him, and Katie and Jesse didn't have any good suggestions (I'm not naming him Balls or The Dread Mahogus, thankyouverymuch), so we started discussing Naruto names. If he was fat, I'd call him Chouji. But then he decided to poke his nose up Sarah's shirt, so of course we thought of Jiraiya. And his nickname can be Ero-Sennin. I gave him a frog candle holder to sit on, but he seemed more interested in poking his nose into the corner of the chair. You know you've reached a new level of geekiness once you've named a pet after an anime character. I mean, naming my first rats, Dante and Dr. Faustus, after literary characters was one thing, but now...

So I had a good day. There will be pictures of Jiraiya tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and the holidays were OK too.

And here are some recent dreams I found amusing.

- A few nights ago, I dreamed that we were running some sort of camp in our house. Apparently there was a dock in our basement, or a portal to a lake or something. A bunch of people were out on the lake doing something like waterskiing or scuba diving or some combination of the two. They were being pulled behind a boat in several groups of 3. But something was horribly wrong, because people kept getting pulled under and drowning and disappearing. Then some of them were reanimating as zombies. There was some scene I imagined where if one of the 3 tied together had survived and one of the dead ones was a zombie, the zombie could eat the dead one and maybe the living one could escape. It was kind of morbid, but blood always looks cool when it clouds the water. So I was up on the beach watching zombies surface out of the water. They weren't in groups, just a zombie here and there. It wasn't nightmareish, just sort of a strange dream. One zombie teenage girl came after me, and the finger on her outstretched hand had a small metal point on it. I had a knife or sword and was slashing at the finger, trying to at least cut the tip off. But apparently being drowned made her skin tough, because it was like slashing at a watermelon with a pocketknife, it didn't do much. So I was trying other tactics, like stabbing her or attempting decapitation, and all that fun stuff. But something eventually worked, because she didn't bother me any more. I was trying to think of ways to keep the zombies out of our house and maybe seal the lake portal, because I didn't want to get killed in my sleep. Then I think Laura and her brother were zombies, but not very vicious. I was going around shooting the zombies to stop them (the parents of the zombie campers weren't happy about it, but I told them their kids were already dead, and it was better to have a dead child than an undead, brain-hungry one). But I thought, "I can't kill Laura and her brother. No way." Their mom was there (I don't remember if she was living or undead), and I thought that if they just stayed together as a family, they wouldn't hurt anyone, and we could just sort of quarantine them on a section of the beach. And then for some reason, I flew into the sky like I was an eagle and was swooping towards the ground a lot before waking up.

- In another recent dream, I was going to the airport. I was going to meet Anne there, and we were going to fly somewhere together (I don't know where or why). I drove there and parked my car somewhere far off, so I had to walk on this sidewalky thing to get there. At the airport, I saw Hoople walking with some girl who looked like she was asleep (she was leaning against him with her eyes closed, like she was sleepwalking with him). I was at the gate where my plane was, but then I remembered I had to get my bag in my car. I had an hour before the plane left, so I went back to get it on the long pathway. And that was pretty much it.

- Last night I dreamed that Thom was playing one of those silly MTV-ish dating games. Apparently it matched him up with someone I was friends with in high school (who I haven't seen in probably 4-5 years), and someone else I knew but don't remember. I was on the show talking to him or something, and he was deciding which of the girls he wanted to marry (yeah, it was one of those pick-someone-to-marry-without-really-getting-to-know-them-first shows). I think he chose my friend (I think they'd get along well in reality but just as friends). Then he turned to me and whispered something like "you won." There was another scene where I was walking along a road near my house, carrying my new pillow (it's a nice one that isn't thin and flimsy like my old ones). It was apparently filled with helium and could fly, so I was holding on to the tag, and I could control the ascent and descent by inhaling and exhaling. There was supposed to be some festival going on too. In another scene, I was back at Allegheny, talking to some girl I was supposedly friends with (who doesn't really exist), who was a beautiful blond prostitute. Actually, she kind of looked like an older version of a girl I was sort of friends with in 3rd grade. Anyway, I was talking with her and a group of Argo people (I guess she was in Argo too), and we were apparently running to get bottles of alcohol out of the Argo "vault" before security busted us. Weird. And the whore girl owned a sex store, so I went in and saw a couple of my friends. She wasn't really selling anything interesting though. I was carrying Dude with me, and she walked up to me holding a tabby that looked like Moccasin. We put our cats down, and they scampered around the store (not together, I don't think). Then there was something about a family eating lunch in a cafe there, and the dream ended.

Well. Off to bed for me, so I can see what my unconscious comes up with tonight. And then tomorrow I shall take young Jiraiya out so he can get used to me. My other rats always seem to know me as the Giant Who Gives Us Yummies, so he shall too.
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