January 9th, 2007


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A Black Expressions book catalog came today for a Mr. Ade. I'm not sure when I turned into a black man, but I found it amusing.

My mom and I went to see "Miss Potter" today. It was wonderful, very cute and sweet and sad at one point but things got happier. I read Beatrix Potter's books when I was a kid (and have a Peter Rabbit stuffed animal sitting across from me), but I didn't know much about her until this movie (despite the obvious creative liberties). I think someday I need to buy a few nice farms in the English countryside with all the royalties I get from my bestselling children's books. Yeah, I know, keep dreaming. And I will.

I just introduced Jiraiya and Squeekers for the first time. There was some sniffing, but they both seemed a little too nervous to keep them together yet, so I'll try again later. They seemed to mostly tolerate each other, but I think Jiraiya wasn't very socialized with rats or people as a baby (he still runs away from me when I try to pick him up and won't take food from my hand, though he tolerates being held) and needs to adjust a bit more. After a few minutes of sniffing, wandering, washing themselves, and more sniffing, they got into a bit of a squabble and ran away from each other. Squeekers decided he'd rather run around on the floor, and when I put him back on the couch with Jiraiya, he leapt back up onto my shoulder. So I'll try again tonight, maybe when they're calmer. Plus, the house smells strongly of paint (the house is being painted this week), which is making the cats very nervous too (I've been confining myself to my room and the guest room this week, since the smell also bothers me). I think they'll eventually be friends, it's just a little awkward at first.
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