February 11th, 2007

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I got FNM issue 2 today. It looks awesome, and I love the artwork. I think seeing the mag in hard copy makes all that work worth it. Yay! And the layout person put a cute picture of a winged cow over my *Wings* poem (that I wrote like 4 years ago, one of the few poems I've written that is actually decent). Which reminds me, I need to be editing the issue 3 submissions, and I should finish/scan the drawing I was working on and submit it. I haven't written anything for issue 3 (heh, one less thing for me to edit), but I wanted to submit some art (which isn't my department, so it feels less like I'm putting whatever I want into the mag).

Oh, and if you're in the Pittsburgh area (at least in the next few days) and want a free copy of the mag, let me know, because I have a few to distribute as staff.
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