February 18th, 2007

I love my hand!

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Last night (or rather, this morning) I dreamed I was doing one of those travel shows for The Food Network (everyone seems to be doing them these days - Rachael, Alton, the Deen boys, Giada...). So I was apparently in some foreign country, probably on an island. No idea where, but they at least spoke English. It started out when I was sitting at a table at a cafe, on the edge of a dock. I finished eating whatever it was, and then I took off my shoes and cannonballed into the water (I was seeing this from the camera perspective - it's unusual seeing yourself that way, especially in dreams). Apparently Katie was there too and also jumped in. Nevermind the wait-30-minutes-after-eating thing. So then it was my perspective again, and we swam over to the ladder and climbed out. It was apparently the end of the show, and we were going to leave the island. The camera guy (who was kind of a fat pacific islander-looking guy, probably in his early 30s) was carrying a bag of my stuff, and we were going to leave the hotel. I went to pay the bill with a special credit card I had for traveling, and it was a ridiculously long, expensive bill. I was flipping through it, trying to understand it, and the camera guy told me there was an extra charge on it since he apparently broke some furniture in his hotel room (good thing I wasn't really the one paying the credit card bill). While I was trying to read everything and wondering if this was in foreign or US currency, my cell phone rang. It was Rachael Ray, and we ended up talking about random stuff, but she sounded very cute and happy. So apparently the hotel bill matter worked itself out, because I was going back and watching the show from the beginning. I was going into either an Indian or Thai restaurant with the camera guy and maybe Katie (if she was there, it was probably Thai since she doesn't like Indian food). The owner was an old woman whose sons did the cooking. She was telling us their names, and one of them was named Benito Mussolini. At that point, I started cracking up but stifled it, and we went to sit down. And that was all I remember.

In the past few days, I've had other interesting dreams, like buying a big, colorful house and getting a real airplane for my birthday. There was also a dream where I had apparently killed myself before (not sure if it was accidental or intentional) by crawling into a small freezer and falling asleep. There was a train going somewhere for people with some minor disorder that would kill everyone, and I was wondering what exactly would happen if I went on the train. Weird.

Maybe this dream is telling me I should totally have my own Food Network show where I go to foreign countries and eat food. That would be the awesomest job ever.

Anyway, last night was fun. I went to Gen's/Julian's/Salem's apartment for the Chinese New Year party (Happy year of the pig, everyone! Being a piggy myself, I hope this year will be awesome and totally kick the dog's butt). So many people with interestingly-dyed hair. Much interesting conversation. We played a very very long game of Apples to Apples (I think I ended up with over 20 green cards, as did Soren, because we rule). I finally crawled back home at nearly 4 am and was immediately greeted by the Lord of 4 am himself (who had also decided that 5:15 am was the perfect time to let me know the food bowl was empty on Saturday morning). I probably would have arrived home much earlier, if I wasn't an idiot and could figure out how to get places (you fartbrain, I thought we determined this was the wrong way the first 3 times!). Ah well. Fun times, anyway.

Today I shall try to be productive. Maybe.
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