March 8th, 2007

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I think I did the most taxing edit of my life last night. And it was only a high school English paper. So my sister and I have this deal where I would edit her persuasive paper on cloning if she cleaned my car and made it stop smelling like cream soda (don't ask how that happened - it's a nice smell, but I'd rather not smell it every time I drive). So I was out yesterday, and my sister decided to wait until the day before it was due to get my input and then fix her paper. Well, I was out all day, and she was freaking out because she thought I'd be home since I have no life and rarely go anywhere. I had dinner at Dad's, and she emailed him the paper so I could edit it there.

Well, let's just say the paper was so ridiculously horrible that I kept laughing when I was trying to edit it. For one thing, I disagreed with most of her arguments. She kept asserting that cloning should be banned because cloned animals have genetic defects and die. She made up many of her "facts," and kept dealing in absolutes, as if all clones are horribly deformed and die, and cloning is out to destroy the world. And her writing! My gosh! I had to rewrite so much of it! She uses a buttload of cliches, many sentences barely made sense, and a lot of them were downright hilarious. She wrote this sentence about scientists wasting time, money, life, and respect. How do you waste respect? And I think her boyfriend had some influence on her arguments too. I'm not quite sure, but I've heard that the church he attends is a fundamentalist one, and he has some interesting beliefs (apparently he was arguing with my dad about how old the earth is - he says it's only like 50 million years old, when the earth is over 4 billion years old). So there were a few sentences about how natural reproduction should be the only way to go. She obviously didn't take things like artificial insemination into account. And artificial insemination is a very important and beneficial technology. I mean, look how many baby pandas have been born (and survived!) in the past few years! And it helps people with fertility problems have babies!

Ugh. That paper was a horror. I couldn't make it good, but I'd like to think I at least made it not suck as much. A few weeks ago, I did a quick edit on Jesse's Hitler paper (he had good information and quotes, it's just that his sentences were an atrocious mess), and he recently told me he got a B on it, which was the best grade he had gotten on a paper. I think those two should get a writing tutor. That isn't me. I don't have the patience to tutor.

So anyway, yesterday I had Indian food with Nick and his brother Eric, and we went to the Carnegie Museum. The Japanese prints exhibit was neat, but I especially liked the Bizarre Beasts exhibit. Although I have more of an art background, I like the natural history museum more than the art museum - it's like going to the zoo, only everything is dead or fake. And bones! I love bones. Especially skulls. I look forward to seeing the new dinosaur exhibit once they finish it. Anyway, after the museum, we dropped by to see Anne at work. Hooray!

I had a job interview this morning, with a local company looking for a technical editor. I thought it went all right. We'll see.

A couple nights ago, I dreamed that I was playing Grand Theft Auto, only I was in the game and a couple of my friends were too. So two of my friends who were dating were in the game, and I was in a gunfight with some gangsters. Then, for some reason, I shot and killed one of my friends. Her boyfriend wasn't around, but I went to what was apparently his apartment he shared with his brother, and I felt weird around him, hoping he didn't totally flip out on me for killing his girlfriend. But I think he wanted pizza, so we were going to go to a pizza place. I hoped that my real friends never found out that I had made them characters in the game and then killed one of them. And that was the dream. Oh, and by the way, if you ever play a PVP game against me where our avatars resemble us, I will totally kill you. Except I seem to suck at fighting games (maybe because I just mash buttons rapidly and see what happens). Ack. I want to play GTA now, but my mom is home and doesn't approve of the foul language. Ah well.
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