March 14th, 2007

Baby Ade!

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Katie bought DDR a few days ago. Despite being horribly out of shape and a terrible dancer, I seem to be better at it than anyone else in this house (including Jesse, who technically doesn't live here but spends enough time here that it's like he's my brother), even though I had only played it once before at Megan's house. Of course, I can only pass the really easy, slower songs, but it's fun watching other people do even worse than me. Katie was trying to play, and at one point she gave up and just started rolling around on the mat. My mom was talking about how she thought she'd be better at it since she takes "salsarobics." Then she started doing a demonstration but tripped over the open dishwasher and kind of stepped in it and did this hilarious trying-not-to-fall-and-break-her-tailbone dance. "No more salsarobics in the kitchen," I said. Boy, she's done so many amusing things lately, I should start carrying a video camera with me. If I had one, that is.

The kids across the street were at it again yesterday, ringing the doorbell and stuff. Jesse was over, and when Katie answered the door, they were laughing and singing "Katie has a boyfriend, hahahahaha!" So we chased and tackled them for a bit. But then they kept ringing the doorbell and banging on the windows and started throwing mudballs at the back doors. If only it wasn't illegal to shoot small children. Or maybe I could just set up a net trap or something and leave them hanging from the front porch for a few hours. Although rumor has it they're moving to Ohio soon. But I still like the net trap idea.

I went to Iggle Video in search of "Little Miss Sunshine," which my neighbor says I have to see, but it was all out. So I looked for something my mom and I could watch and decided on "Ladies in Lavender." It's Maggie Smith and Judi Dench being cute little old English ladies, how could I go wrong? Well, my mom had already seen it, but she watched it again with me, and I enjoyed it. The-Lady-Who-Talks-Too-Much at the video store (I know she has a real name, but I still haven't bothered to learn it even though she's been chattering at me for years) said it was really good too. But I wish she would stick to comments about movies when I'm there, because her mouth doesn't seem capable of being quiet for more than about 2 seconds, and I don't need to hear about her car accident nearly 20 years ago or what she's wearing to her cousin's wedding. Yes folks, this is one of the reasons I joined Netflix. I don't have to pretend to listen to anyone. And they almost always have the movies I'm looking for, even if I have to wait a few days to get them.

So we were about to go to Panera with Bonnie next door, and when I went down to tell her we were ready, two of the kids from next door to her were over, and Bonnie told me to tell them how old I was. "I'm really old," I said. "I'll be 24 in May." (Gosh, that DOES sound old, considering I still think of myself as a young teenager who has already finished her formal education) "But most people seem to think I'm around 18, even though I act more like I'm 14."
"No," said Bonnie, motioning lower. "Who went to Chuck E Cheese with Elli and me?"
"Me!" I said. "But I've been to Chuck E Cheese with people in my age group too!" Heh. Being young at heart rocks. By the time I start acting my current age, I'll probably be in my 50s. And then I'll be the crazy "older" lady trying to fit in with 23-year-olds, who'll say "You're over 30? Wow, you look like you're 25, only prematurely kinda wrinkly!" When I'm in my 50s, I'm totally going to have purple hair by the way.

Oh, and I have another Bonnie story to share. Her phone kept ringing, and she didn't want to answer it. But the person wouldn't stop calling. So finally she picked up the phone and said "I don't know who the hell you are, but stop calling this number!" Well, it was Elli (our former neighbor who's 11 and currently living in Sweden, she and Bonnie are close). Oops.
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