March 19th, 2007


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With all the animal food horrors going on right now, I'm glad all my animals eat dry food (unless we give them tuna or veggies or something). Though I did get worried the other day when Belle was sick, though it was apparently stress-related since the boys were harassing her. I'm also glad that allergy medicine allows me to breathe after cleaning the rat cage (though I was stupid and didn't wear long sleeves this time, so I had little itchy bumps from where they crawled around my arms).

It's almost like I'm a grownup now or something. I have a cubicle. And other officey stuff. Wooo! The people there are nice. But... but... a cubicle! I feel like I should be wearing glasses and a tie that points up, and there should be a dog in the office who's smarter than me. Heh. Welcome to the adult world, Ade. Now get off your Spongebob sheets and go build a snowman!
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