March 29th, 2007

Baby Ade!

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Holy crap. Katie actually got an A on the infamous worst persuasive paper on cloning ever. I must have done one heck of an amazing editing job on it. Then again, from what I've heard, her English teacher isn't too great (apparently she's a new teacher, nobody I know). *shrugs* But still, I was amazed. I thought I edited it from a D- to maybe a C+, but that totally wasn't an A paper in my mind. Then again, this is high school English, which is substantially different from college English (in high school, they don't even explain Shakespeare's hilariously naughty innuendo - then again, I was spoiled, I had Bulman).

My coworkers are amusing. Here's what happened this morning.
Diane: Here's your employee number, bla bla bla. You're a number now.
Ade: All right, I'm a number!
Todd: Congratulations, you've been demoted from the human race.
Ade: I'm now a cubicle drone, a cog in the wheel of society.
Maureen: Hey, don't steal my job!
Denise: Stop it, you'll depress us all!
Todd: Just a gopher in the field of cubicles...
Diane: Oh, and Todd, speaking of being demoted...
*everyone laughs*

I was checking some links in a document and saw something linking to a conversation with a guy whose first name is Squee. I kid you not, I actually started laughing when I saw that. Maybe he was named after the first sound his parents made when they saw their new baby.
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I'm a dorkety dork dork

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It's fun talking about culture and religion with Katie.

Mom: Do you know who the Anglo-Saxons were?
Katie: Native Americans!

Mom: *talking about how my paternal grandmother was raised Mormon before she left the church* So your relatives were Mormon.
Katie: What?! Are we inbreeded?

And you just know she's going to be president one day. That's subliminable.

I also apparently do a hilarious impression of an inbred yokel. All I do is go cross-eyed, and it leaves Katie in stitches. "Say, are you and your twin sister coming to the barn dance this weekend? My uncle dad is playing the gutbucket!"
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