April 19th, 2007


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I drove up to Meadville after work yesterday. I stopped by to visit Francesca for a little while before the drag show, and she gave me a jawbone (from a muskrat or something, it was on her property) and some little chocolate animals. Then I went over to Allegheny and put on my man-clothes (several people asked if I was performing, but it was just a good excuse for the return of "Dick Johnson") and watched the drag show. It was entertaining. Many hilariously ugly queens and face-painted kings. And Twitchy lip-synching to "I Will Survive." You know, it never fails to amuse me that so many guys have such nice legs and look great in fishnets. But I think I need to work on dressing like a man. I typically go for the suit and tie thing when in drag (which isn't actually very often - "Dick Johnson" hadn't emerged since the amazing drag ball 3 years ago, and that was his first true entrance on the drag scene), but then it looks more like I'm a little girl playing dress-up in Daddy's closet. And I can't get the hang of men's dress shirts, with the buttons and the sleeves and the tucking in and stuff. I hate the way collars hug your neck. I can't stand having anything touch my neck. Maybe next time "Dick Johnson" comes out of the woodwork, he should just go lumberjack instead. But then he'd have to wear high heels, suspenders, and a bra... aieeeee, gendersplosion!

Anyway, after the show, I went to Perkins with a bunch of Argo people. There was one of those claw machines with a puppet in it that had a vibrating tongue. I kid you not, that's what the tag said. I tried to take a picture, but my camera wouldn't cooperate. Bet he's popular with the lady puppets.

So, I've had a REAL job for a month now. And I haven't been fired or gone crazy or anything. Wooo! I basically do stuff like check reports to make sure links work and everything fits the guidelines, proofread everything from office memos to reference documents, and enter timesheet data. It's not bad, but sometimes there are periods where I have absolutely nothing to do. I'm the youngest person there by at least 5-10 years, but that's ok. I like my coworkers though. They have good senses of humor and like Chinese food. Here are some things about some of them:

- Denise and I trade things back and forth a lot. She's fun. She has 3 daughters, 17, 19, and 20, and I think she looks and acts a lot younger than she really is.
- Diane is just a sweetheart, that's all I can really say.
- Maureen always has a crapload of work to do and is frequently on the phone. I don't know how she manages it, but she does. She's cool too.
- My boss, Mike, is very tall. He's not around the office much so I rarely see him, but he's nice.
- Todd's cubicle is next to mine, and every morning around 9, he calls his wife and son. His son Ryan (who I assume is around 5-8, judging by the way Todd talks to him) is homeschooled, and every morning, Todd tells him the same things: pay attention, listen to Mama, do as you're told, etc. And every morning, I roll my eyes, because it reminds me of a certain other father I know who sounds like a broken record. I cannot escape the dad-talks, no matter where I go or what I do. In 10-15 years, I bet Todd will be forwarding his son career advice emails, and Ryan will eventually reply with "unsubscribe." That's what I did, even though it didn't really work. Anyway, aside from his amusing fatherhood tactics, Todd is a funny guy.
- Gayle and Jeannette have their desks in the copy room, so I tend to talk to them in 1-minute spurts roughly 5-20 times a day when retrieving something from the printer. Gayle has brought her very young and very cute granddaughters in a couple times.
- Keith is my dad's friend from the Navy, and while I've only seen him in passing a couple times (he's not around much either), he's a very nice guy.
- There are a bunch of other engineer types who work there, but I don't know many of them and don't remember a lot of their names.

On Saturday morning, I'm going to go look at a couple houses for rent in the area. This one and this one. They're both on the same lot. I'm more interested in the one with the garage (garages are wonderful, and that one is cheaper than the other), but we'll see what happens. They're right by the Boyce campus, and there's a park and a pond and lots of woods and things in the area, so that's good. And really affordable.

So that's that for now. Hooray.
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