May 9th, 2007


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Well folks, now that I've moved into my own place and have things mostly set up, it's about time for me to show it off. So, I'm going to have a party.

If a) you are or will be in the Pittsburgh area, and b) you are my friend or relative, then you are invited.

When: Saturday, May 19 (10 days from now), let's say 4 pm to whenever (doesn't matter when you show up, really)
Where: My house (email me for the address, directions, and my phone number, at ade.[mylastname] It's in Monroeville, and I know there's at least one bus stop within a few blocks, since it's near the CCAC Boyce campus.
Why: I have a house now, and my birthday is the 18th, so it's a double whammy.

There will be food for a diversity of dietary persuasions (yes, even the carnivores - I'll probably buy a shrimp tray or something) and beverages of a non-alcoholic nature, since Katie and Jesse will likely show up, stay for an hour, decide all my friends are weird and nerdy, and leave. If you stay later into the night and are of age and not planning on driving for a while, I may break open a case of Mike's or something.

You don't have to bring anything (though you're welcome to), and you're allowed to bring a friend or significant other (provided I know this person and/or you provide evidence that this person isn't a douchebag, kleptomaniac, sexual predator, junkie, etc.). If you absolutely need crash space, I have several feet of floor. The loveseat would only fit a small child or dwarf, and I'm NOT sharing my bed unless you're a very close friend who I trust not to try anything questionable during the night. Oh, and I only have a full size bed, so if you're over 200 pounds, it's out of the question. Sorry. I like my space. If it was a queen, I wouldn't have this problem.

So! People should come to this. Please remind me that I still have friends and a bit of a life left. Let me know if you're coming so I can get a head count so I don't end up with a crapload of deviled eggs left over (not that I'd mind) or have to dash out to Giant Eagle (the quickie one nearby, not my new love or the one I broke up with last night).

And if you can't make it or don't live in the area, I'll post pictures of my house once I have more stuff unpacked.
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