June 6th, 2007

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djrosered: did you fart?
blupyglet: not in the last few minutes
djrosered: it smells like it.
djrosered: i think you poisoned the room
blupyglet: it was your fish. he farted. even though he's dead
djrosered: ew
djrosered: how do i dispose of the corpse
blupyglet: ok i just farted now
blupyglet: dig a hole and bury it
djrosered: how do i get it out of the water though?
djrosered: FISH it out. hahahahaaaa

Yeah, Rose's fish Benicio finally died. He was well over a year old and survived many ordeals, like going without food and/or living in almost no water for long periods of time (Rose is the best fish mommy ever), but Benicio the Immortal finally bit the dust (or rather, the rocks at the bottom of his bowl) yesterday. So we'll have to have a funeral at some point.

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Rose: You wanna play a game?
Ade: Yeah! Which game?
Rose: Kitties!
Ade: How do you play?
Rose: Do you have kitties?
Ade: Yeah!
Rose: YOU WIN!
Ade: Yay!
Rose: I also have kitties! Everyone wins!
Ade: Yay!

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