June 14th, 2007

Tim Curry just plain rocks

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Well, I finally did it. After nearly 8 years of thinking "I want to join the SCA," I finally did it. I'm an official member now. And I'm going to Pennsic this year (the second week), since I can afford it. Ooh, now I have a good excuse to buy more garb! Or... learn to sew less crappily. I should have picked out a name and invented a persona by now, but that shouldn't be a problem. I have the feeling that I'd probably be some eccentric hermit cat lady who lived alone in the woods, if I lived in that time, and people would have found many excuses to burn me at the stake, because public execution for any reason (Heresy! Witchcraft! Being a single woman but not a nun! Having cats! Being weird! She turned me into a newt! Burrrrrrn!) was a whole lot of fun for everyone, except the people being burned.

This is going to be quite a nerdy summer. I'm excited.
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