June 21st, 2007


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Last night, I dreamed that Rose had an inflatable life-size figure of herself, only it was basically a sphere with extremities (like the people in that horrendously annoying "Where you at?" cell phone commercial). She said she was going to use it for a vacuum bag (whaaa?). Also, someone was looking through my pictures on Facebook, only they were kind of like pictures in Harry Potter, more like videos. There were lots of pictures of me with all my friends, and we were laughing and goofing off and having a good time. I was feeling really happy, but then the oh-so-familiar "boop beedleboopbalalalalalaaaaa..." of my cell phone ring tone/alarm (Partita does not actually sound like how I wrote it out, by the way, and Rose does a hilarious impression of it) woke me up, and I was disappointed.

Sarah and Atilla came over last night since they're in town looking for places to have their wedding reception next year (not too great of a selection in the Murrysville/Monroeville area). We played some Wii games. Fun times.

And, because some of you asked for more...

The Pantsless Bitch, Episode 3

I'm working on Episode 4. It will probably be amusing too, since it involves mass amounts of alcohol.
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