July 17th, 2007


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What a weekend. Whew. All in all, it was awesome. Ben drove up on Friday, and we ended up going to Mad Mex. I had to borrow my mom's air mattress (which is ginormous, comfy, and fun to bounce on/get rolled up in while deflating) and Twister, so we went over to her house. I felt kind of bad, bringing my inebriated friends over at 10:30 pm (I had an iced tea since I was driving), but my mom didn't seem to mind. I managed to do well at Scrabble, considering my fierce competition. I lost to Rose but managed to beat Ben, so I think I'm improving.

While Rose was at work on Saturday, Ben and I hung around playing Wii (I totally got my ass handed to me at boxing - I may have given Nick a good beating, but I'm no match for Ben) and watched a lot of Extreme Ghostbusters. At one point, Katie and Jesse just showed up and asked to borrow some towels since they were going to the wave pool. They came over again later and decided to sit and watch Extreme Ghostbusters with us. Being the person she is, Katie asked if we had any food and if I would call Mom and ask if they could have money to see a movie or something. Because the sole purpose of my existence is to serve my kid sister and give her my last clean towel (I needed to buy more anyway), let her invite herself over, give her food, and ask other people for money for her. But I didn't give her food or call anyone for her.

I won't even go into the adventures of Saturday night. Except to say that playing Scattergories with certain people is always fun.

[Things in a hotel]
Ade: Semen!
Ben: Sheets!
Rose: Semen-stained sheets!

We were totally channeling CSI there. But we all hi-fived and awarded ourselves 2 points for being awesome.

On Saturday, Ben and I saw Transformers, which was ridiculously awesome. I loved it. My only issues were that Shia (Sam) cut off his beautiful curly hair for the movie, and it focused a little too much on the copious not-so-important human characters. After the movie, I couldn't look at my car the same way. And yesterday at work, I was casting suspicious glances at my coworker's boom box. Great movie. I really needed that.

Sarah and Atilla are in town this week, so they came over yesterday. We all went out to The Olive Garden, were told we all look underage even though we're all 22-24, passed around the kiddie menu coloring book like the mature adults we are, and then went back to my house for some Wii funtimes.

So now it's Tuesday, and I'm back at work, back to the mundane life. Ben left this morning, but I'm sure I'll see him again before the summer is over, and more often if/when he gets a job here and moves to the area. But HP7 comes out this coming weekend, and Confluence is the weekend after (still space in my hotel room, folks), so I'm sure I won't be TOO bored any time soon.

My friends are awesome. That is all.
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