August 9th, 2007

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I had an adventure last night. So, I was going to go to Midnight Madness at Pennsic and buy a bunch of crafting stuff on sale, because apparently I haven't spent enough money there already. But first I was going to go help Andy (another Bork camper) jump his car. So we got my car, drove over to his, and tried jumping it. No luck. His battery had totally crapped out. Boo. Then we got into my car to drive back towards where I had originally parked, hoping to nab a closer space we spotted. Now, it's been rather rainy the past few days, and there was mud everywhere. I managed to get horrendously stuck in a big squishy mud puddle. We tried pushing it out. No luck. After a lot of pushing, wheel-spinning, and coating poor Andy in mud, someone came and said he'd go up to the North Gate and have them send a tow truck. So we waited. Nothing. Then Andy went to see what was going on, came back, and said they didn't tow at night. Grrr. We went back to camp, and finally, by the might of several strapping young men, they managed to push my car out. I think I should buy them beer or something as a way to say thank you for being awesome. I finally arrived home, my car coated in mud and my legs icky up to the knees. Phew. Such craziness. I hope Andy gets his car fixed all right and the battle with the mud monster wasn't in vain.

Other than that, Pennsic has been a lot of fun, for the most part. I think I should start hanging around older women more often. I went to this class for sewing, and there was only a handful of people there, and they were basically like, "Oh, you're young and kind of a beginner at sewing, and we're a bounty of experience! Here, have all these cool tips and recommendations and knowledge!" I came away much wiser. Now, if I could only get around to setting up my sewing machine, tackling the growing stack of Pants That Need to be Hemmed Because I'm Really Short, and making my own stuff, I could actually apply this new knowledge. Har.

Well, I'm off to Vermont tomorrow morning. No internet all weekend. But I'll survive.
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