August 29th, 2007


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To all of you who are going back to school around this time, let me convey some words of wisdom: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOUUUUUUUU HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOOOOOOOL AND IIIIIIII DON'T! NYAH NYAH NYAH POO POO!

For I am the epitome of mature, with my college diploma and my real-person job and my Optimus Prime action figure I bought yesterday. Oh yes, after like 17 years of wanting a Transformer (the Optimash Prime Mr. Potato Head doesn't count), I finally went and bought one yesterday. And it actually transforms, too (apparently a lot of the new ones don't, which DEFEATS THE WHOLE FREAKIN' PURPOSE). My inner child is happy. I should put Optie on my desk at work and play with him when I have nothing better to do. Then again, my coworkers might get suspicious when they hear "Vroom, vrrrrrooooooooom, click click click click, I am OPTIMUS PRIME! Prepare to die, Staplertron! PshhhpshhhbggggggBLAMBLAMBLAMpssshhhoooooommmmmm!" Hey, at least it would be slightly less creepy than "Come on, Rainbow Dash, let's have a tea party with Miss Post-it and Tape Dispenseria!"
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