October 18th, 2007

I love my hand!

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What a freakin' bipolar day.

Good things:
- lunch at Max and Erma's with almost all my coworkers, paid for by the company credit card, and cake, also paid for by the company credit card... alas, this was for a bittersweet reason (see "bad things" below)
- dinner at Zaiaka, paid for by Rose (since I bought pizza yesterday)
- we have iced tea in the house again

Bad things:
- my favorite coworker, Denise, is leaving to work at Westinghouse, and we're all going to miss her (but we gave her an awesome farewell luncheon and a gift card and cake and stuff)
- worrying about someone to the point where I got a stomachache (it happens when I worry too much) and debating for hours how to respond and then finally deciding against it

On another note, my boss told me I should think about switching my status (limited term, limited benefits to regular full-time). Right now I'm limited term, limited benefits (LTLB), so I get a few of the benefits but not all of them. I could switch and get full benefits, but then that would mean a smaller paycheck. So I'm debating. Better health insurance than what I have, with a jillion more benefits, or more cash for things like savings, Indian food, and Runescape (only $5 a month, but still)? Any thoughts? I don't have to decide right away, but it's something to consider.

And you know you have a real grownup job when you laugh hard at a Dilbert cartoon because it really hits the nail on the head.

Oh yeah, and I'm a bad person because I laughed at Rose for falling off a cliff. Her face looks amazing. Like she was snuggling with an electric sander. But she didn't break anything, and she's ok otherwise. I'm just evil and laugh when I'm not supposed to.
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