October 23rd, 2007

I'm a dorkety dork dork

Writer's Block: My Personal Style

How would you describe your personal style?

Oh, this is a fun question. My personal style, eh? Well, anyone who's met me can see it's fairly obvious that I don't put too much thought into my appearance. I figure as long as I shower regularly, brush my hair, and wear clothing, I'm good to go. I wouldn't say I have a particular "style" so much as strict guidelines for what I allow myself to wear (except on Halloween or other costume occasions, when the rules don't apply). I'm very particular about my clothing, because certain fabrics/cuts/styles just feel uncomfortable to me, and I won't wear certain colors (not because I don't like them, I'm not even sure why I won't wear them). This is also why I'm an absolute pain to go clothing shopping with, and why nobody should ever buy me clothing unless they're very familiar with my tastes.

So, my bizarre clothing guidelines. Here they are.
- My preferred colors are black, gray, blue, and green. I'll wear pretty much any shade of them. Red and purple are ok too, as long as they're bold or dark shades and not too pink or reddish-purple or purplish-red or whatever. I have nothing against orange, yellow, brown, or white, in any shade, but I will not wear them (we're talking like solid colors here - if there's a yellow stripe in a blue/green shirt or something like that, it's ok). The only color I really dislike is pink, and that's out of the question entirely. Socks and sometimes underwear and pajamas are an exception to the color rule. I'll wear interesting socks of almost any color.
- I won't wear anything form-fitting, tight, clingy, etc (except underwear). It just feels very uncomfortable to me, and it compromises my modesty issues (see below).
- Comfort/modesty issues: I have to wear shirts with some sort of sleeve (at least 1/4 of the way down my upper arm), mainly because it's more comfortable that way. Also, the sleeves should be either short or long, the 3/4 ones just feel weird. I have to wear pants too. No shorts. They don't feel right. I also need to either buy capri pants or hem regular pants, because I'm ridiculously short like that. And as for neck lines, a simple crew neck will do. No plunging necklines or weird boatnecks, and certainly NO turtlenecks (I can't stand the feeling of anything touching my neck). Certainly nothing belly-baring. I also avoid wearing jewelry, because I find it uncomfortable. And on a random note, my socks have to pull up over the ankle, because those ones that pretty much just cover the foot and maybe a teeny bit of the ankle are just... not right. They're not comfy, and you'll get sock wedgies. I won't go into my underwear preferences, other than to say that I really don't understand why anyone would ever wear a thong, and that's an absolute no-no. And no flip flops (I can't stand the feeling of anything between my toes), heels, or sandals without a back strap. I also don't wear belts (unless they're part of a costume). I don't usually wear hats, but I like silly hats. And my kitty ear hat that I knit a couple winters ago.
- I avoid wearing girly things. This has more to do with my gender issues and the fact that most girly clothing violates the comfort/modesty issues. Now, I like the way some particular girly styles look on other people, but I just don't wear them.
- Here are some things I tend to wear on a regular basis: hoodies (I love the zip-up kind, I have a ton of gray ones), regular t-shirts (often with interesting/amusing sayings or cartoon characters on them), jeans, corduroy pants, funky socks, kids' sneakers (I have itty bitty size 2 feet, so I like buying kids' shoes and have owned Spongebob, Powerpuff Girls, Spiderman, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. shoes.), recently I've found that skate shoes are amazingly comfy, little boys' sandals (the kind with two velcro straps in front and one in back are my favorite), sweatshirts, cargo pants, pajamas consisting of a shirt and pants, and similar things.
- I'm pretty androgynous in what I wear. I kind of dress like a nerdy teenage boy sometimes, but I like it. I also think the Indian salwar kameez (a tunic and loose drawstring pants) is really comfy, but I don't wear them often since a lot of them are embroidered and a bit fancier than my usual boring style. I also don't wear makeup or do anything with my hair (other than the time I dyed it purple - it looked AWESOME, and I want to do it again, but I'm not sure if that's ok for my job right now, even though we're allowed to wear pretty much whatever we want to work, even sweats).

That pretty much covers it. Yeah, I know I'm kind of ridiculous, and I don't even know why I made up half of my "rules" in the first place, but this is what makes me comfortable. I'm sure half of my comfort issues are based on my somewhat out-of-whack neurological system and its weird issues with skin sensations, but it's something I've adapted to. In a similar vein, I never use lotion or chapstick or anything similar because it just feels weird on my skin and bothers me. And I tend to flinch or back away when most people try to touch me, even most friends and relatives (it's also kind of a personal space thing, and some people are allowed in while others aren't, no matter how close we may be). It's weird though - if someone gently touches my arm or something, I find it irritating, but if someone squishes me between two couch cushions or beanbag chairs, the pressure is oddly relaxing (this isn't true just for me, it works on cows and autistic people too, apparently). I also really, really like taking showers because of the way hot water feels pounding against my back, and for some reason it really stimulates my imagination, because I seem to get a lot of interesting ideas while I'm in there. *shrugs*

Wow, this was a long post. It sure explains a lot about some of my random "quirks," though. Sort of. Moral of the story: Don't go clothing shopping with/for Ade unless you have the patience of a saint or similar bizarre issues.