January 10th, 2008

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The fates have a twisted sense of humor.

For the past few weeks, I had been thinking about cleaning out the fridge (and the cupboards, but mostly the fridge) and was planning to do it this weekend. Yesterday, I opened the freezer, looking for something to eat. "Hmmm," I thought, "that huge bag of ice left over from Rose's falling-off-a-cliff incident doesn't look quite so big any more. In fact... it's no longer frozen. Wait... you've got to be kidding me." The items in my freezer were thawing out, and room-temperature air was blowing in. Upon further inspection, the fridge had the same problem. "Well, crap," I thought, "my fridge is broken. This couldn't have waited until the weekend, could it?" I had to borrow a couple coolers from my mom, and I salvaged what I could. Well, that takes care of the roughly half-dozen cartons of 4+ month old ice cream, anyway. I'm not sure if that HUGE package of hot dogs Rose left is still ok, not that I'd eat them anyway. Jeesh. I called the landlord this morning and left him a voice mail, so hopefully he'll send someone to fix it today. And I'm going to hope that leaving most condiments and pickles out for a day will be ok, since they have preservatives and stuff, as long as I stick them back in the fridge once it's fixed. Completely emptying a fridge and freezer and going through its contents is not a fun task, especially when you're in a hurry to salvage things.

On the plus side, if some kid prank calls me and asks if my refridgerator is running, I can simply say "no" and kill the joke in its tracks.
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Well, poopface. The repairman is coming sometime on Saturday, so it looks like I'm short a fridge until then. Well, maybe it's a good time to tap into all the canned food I have in the cupboards (I can finally try that Chinese vegetables and quail eggs thing I found in Chinatown like 2 years ago). Fortunately, my dad's fridge is consistently empty (I'm serious, you could take everything he has in there, including the door shelves, and fit it on one shelf with room to spare), so I'm going to drag the coolers over there after work and stick all the salvaged goods in there. I'm hoping the ice held up long enough so I won't go home to find a couple coolers of soggy yuckiness. And hey, he can't complain, I don't care if he eats my food. There are actually a couple boxes of frozen food that have moved with me once or twice, and there would be more if a) Rose hadn't discovered that frozen paneer makes an excellent icepack, and b) Rose didn't eat my precious frozen foods that I was planning on bronzing. There's also a box of these frozen egg sandwiches that have sausage in them that I got by mistake (I was grabbing a couple boxes of the plain egg and cheese, and the mischievous meat gnome snuck that one in there), so that'll be one less thing clogging my fridge.

Well, in better news, I had a B&N gift card, so I went there last night and stocked up on new car music (I love Hannah Montana and everything, but after two months of it, I'm ready for a change). I got the Spamalot soundtrack, The Triplets of Belleville soundtrack, and some Beatles album. New things to sing along with! Well, maybe not The Triplets of Belleville... most of it is in French, and I can't even come close to pronouncing most French words. Oh well. While I'm generally not particularly fond of French culture, they do make some delightfully weird movies.