January 24th, 2008

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I think Murrysville has some serious issues with its water system. There was a water main break today, right outside my office. I saw work vehicles on the side of the road and on the off-street by my office but figured they were there because they're building a new office building for us right across the street (hopefully it will be finished and ready to move into by May). Then I was in the kitchen this morning and looked out the window. A flood of water was gushing down the off-street. Not particularly safe, especially since it's snowing out, but it had stopped by the time I went to lunch, and the road was merely wet instead of icy (still not such a good thing - getting home this evening may be interesting). Apparently a bunch of houses are without water right now, and they closed down the schools.

I remember back in high school, there were frequent water main breaks, and my friends and I would rejoice when we'd get to go home early. It's kind of amusing that they're STILL having water main breakage problems, and you'd think they'd do more than just fix the problem areas after AT LEAST 10 years (probably more) of frequent breaks. Ah well. This morning's incident brought back memories of random early dismissals. I wish we could have an early dismissal at work (not that there's a strict attendance policy or anything, as long as you accurately record your hours). There hasn't been much to do lately except some random, tedious busy-work, and I've been bored as hell (and checking email every 5 minutes doesn't do much to alleviate it).
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