February 2nd, 2008


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I went over to Laura's house last night. Last time I was there (April, I think), her golden retriever was just a puppy, and now he's a big happy doggy who's totally an attention whore and all about the petting and snorgling. All we really did was play with the doggies and kitties and watch TV, but it was good to be social. Even though Laura is pretty much my only high school friend that I keep in touch with who's still in the area, we don't see each other too often (mostly because she's really focusing on her education). And people were switching bedrooms in her house, so she now has this huge room to herself that's like the size of my house.

I've been having this rather manic knitting fixation all week. After a really long dry spell, it's almost like my fingers are itching to make up for lost time.

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