April 9th, 2008


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Woohoo, I just did my taxes! And not on the day of the deadline! Go me! *dances* And I'm totally not a grownup. I haven't played golf in ages. Even on the Wii, which isn't set up, and I haven't played with it in a couple months. Totally not a grownup! Although I do think I'm the oldest person who sings along with Hannah Montana in the car. Unless somewhere, there's a 54-year-old woman rocking out on her way to work. In which case, she is crazy and awesome. 'Cause life's what you make it, so let's make it rock!

Anyway, I plan to use my return to buy furniture and stuff, plus I'm getting that economy stimulus thingy. Oh yeah. I'll stimulate your economy reeeeeeeeeeeal nice. See, I'm buying a house. I know you love it when I do that. I'm doing my teeny part to ease your mortgage crisis, baby. And think of all those awesome household things I'll be buying. I see you shiver with antici...(say it!)...pation! Oh, I'll stimulate your economy all right. I'll stimulate it until I'm... spent. Oh yeah, baby baby. I can feel you deep inside my bank accounts. ...Ok, I should probably shut up now. I'm creeping myself out.

Gah, I close on the house in a week! I'm obviously excited.
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