May 5th, 2008


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So according to Rose, I have a normal-sized doppelganger in Columbus who works at a sex shop. Bwahahahaaaaa. That's hilarious.

I had one here too, a girl who's a year older than my sister. They were in girl scouts together like 10 years ago, and she didn't look like me then, but when I was in high school, some girls in my class said, "Ade! We saw your sister today, she looks JUST like you!" and I was confused because anyone with a functioning pair of eyes (even with glasses) can see that my sister and I don't look even remotely related. I was at the high school like a year or two ago (I think I had to pick up my sister or something), and I saw her walking down the hall and couldn't stop staring because it was like watching a slightly different version of me who was a few inches taller. But she didn't see me.

Oh, and also, in one of my high school gym classes, a girl told me that she met this jewish boy in Pittsburgh who looked just like me.

Gahhhhhh, the Ade-clones are everywhere! Run for the hills! Save yourselves!

Hmmm. Maybe I'm just one of many of these clones being released into the wild, and it's a government conspiracy. I wonder what my eeeeevil purpose is. Maybe I just poke people until they explode. Muhahahahaaaa.
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Boy, I'm having senior moments already. I was going to a store this evening and managed to forget where it was. I've been there once and have driven past it many times, and I know the general vicinity it's in. I spent about half an hour looking for it and STILL didn't find it. *facepalm* I must be getting old.
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