May 11th, 2008


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I brought the Dude to come live with me. He really hates the cat carrier, but he was a pretty good sport, and now he's either exploring or hiding downstairs. I'm just glad I have feline company now. Katie and I made dinner for mom (I made eggplant parm, and Katie made carrot cake), and I gave her a tool set because she needed one.

I'm a lumberjack now (and I'm ok). I cut down a tree all by myself yesterday. Before you ask why I would do that, it was a fairly small tree (roughly 10 feet tall, 4 inch diameter trunk) that was leaning at a weird angle and sending a million suckers everywhere, and there's one like it out front too. I started to dig out the stump and will finish it maybe tomorrow. I'm going to expand the patch it was in and eventually plant a fruit tree (probably plum or maybe nectarine) and some vegetables. It's weird, I can feel the difference in my arms and back from all the yardwork, and I think I miiiiight have lost a little weight (not sure though - I only weigh myself like once or twice a year, out of curiosity, and last time I did, my jaw pretty much dropped because I had gained like 10 pounds).

Oh, and I bought new sheets and stuff. I got distracted while setting up my bed though, but I
WILL sleep with sheets on my bed tonight. (For those of you who haven't witnessed many of my weird and/or bad habits, sometimes I get lazy and don't put sheets on my bed. For a week or two.) Oh yeah, and I have an actual bedroom now, and I'm not sleeping in the dining room any more. But I'd better put a dining table in there, or people who are taller than me are going to keep bumping their heads on the dangly light fixture...
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