May 24th, 2008

I'm a dorkety dork dork

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I had this dream that I was going to Alpha, only it wasn't actually Alpha. I didn't know most of the people there, but a bunch of my college friends were there, including Ben, Nick, and Derek. Apparently Ben was sick, and I wanted to bring him some cookies, but I felt bad because I didn't have any and had no way of making them. Everyone was in this big room that kind of wrapped around a corner, and there were various random, insignificant scenes. At one point, I wrapped myself in this shower curtain and hopped around the room on one foot, which was pretty funny. But then I went to visit another friend who was there, and her roommate was some girl I didn't recognize, whose name was something like Andrea. I was just standing in this shower stall talking to them (they were fully clothed, while I was wearing the shower curtain for some reason). Then Andrea decided she was going to kill me for some reason, and she started shooting at me. I got into this fight with her, and she was wearing these big red clunky square-ish stilettos and kept trying to step on my bare feet. She apparently wanted to kill me and make my body into a puppet or paint with it or something. I asked why she wanted to kill me, and she said, "because you're short." I asked my friend for help, but she just kind of ignored it, and it almost seemed like she wanted to help her roommate kill me. I finally got away and ran back to the room where my friends were. I told them this girl was trying to kill me, but they pretty much just ignored me. I woke up feeling angry, especially at my friend, even though I've never had any reason to be angry at her before, and I had to convince myself that it was just a dream, and she was innocent.