June 9th, 2008


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I walked outside to get in my car this morning and found a decapitated baby bunny by the door. Gee, thanks, Dude. I know it's your way of thanking me for finally letting you have the night out you've been pleading for, but you don't need to pack a lunch for me. I have other plans, and I know I should try new things, but I'm not interested in eating bunnies. It was very sweet of you though, and I do appreciate it, even though it's kind of gross/sad. Now, if you feel like hunting down a poor, defenseless box of spaghetti or something, that would be another story.

I'm pre-registering for stuff today. I'm all set for Pennsic this year (yay, now I can buy a tent and air mattress and stuff), and I was trying to make a hotel reservation for Confluence, but I kept getting page errors. So I'll try again later, and then mail in the pre-reg stuff sometime this week. So if any of you need a room for Confluence this year, let me know. I'm going to get a non-smoking room with two beds once the internet cooperates. I don't particularly care about your gender as long as I know you (or you're a friend-of-a-friend who is rooming with me), and all I ask is that you don't bring drugs (alcohol is fine and encouraged) or do anything really creepy/disgusting or stuff that would get me in trouble. And Megan, you'd better come to Confluence this year, or I will send some thugs to Indiana to find and kidnap you. Anyway, I think the cost will be roughly $55 total if we get 4 people in the room (more if fewer people show up, less if we get an extra person or two willing to sleep on the floor), but I don't expect compensation until I get the entire hotel bill and can accurately divide it. And they give you warm cookies at check-in! How can you not love a hotel that gives you free cookies? Plus, there's an Indian restaurant with a lunch buffet right across from the hotel. Mmmnomnomnom. I like the new hotel for Confluence. I don't have to starve or rely on pizza/ramen/con suite grazing any more, because there are actual non-overpriced-hotel restaurants within walking distance (or a short drive that doesn't involve getting horribly lost).

So I'm wondering how much Danish I can pick up in two weeks if I get one of those language CDs and listen to it obsessively. I know Europeans speak like a million languages (unlike moronic Americans who usually only speak one or two), but I want to be prepared and also not seem like as much of a stupid American. And everything is pronounced differently than it's written. For instance, the island where my uncle and aunt live is called Drejo (the o has a diagonal line through it), but it's pronounced kind of like "dryer," only without emphasizing the r. I just hope I can pick up enough so that I don't accidentally ask someone to slap me with a fish when I'm trying to find out where the bathroom is.
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