July 3rd, 2008

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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I'm covered in worm byproducts right now. I'm learning to spin on a drop spindle, so I've been practicing with wool and silk. And silk gets everywhere. But it's fun and kind of interesting.

I had this dream last night that I was walking through an unfamiliar city. I met up with one of my friends, and we stood there talking for a few minutes. Then we saw that people were putting up barriers in the streets, and the realization hit us that the zombies were about to attack. So we ran to his house, and his mom (who I've never actually met) was there. I don't know where my friend went, probably to the basement or to a secret hideout, but his mom told me something like, "You're on your own. We can hold them off for a little while, but they'll come back." So I hid or something, and then once that wave was either dead or gone, his mom told me to gather anything useful and put them into a garbage bag. So I went around his room, digging through stuff and finding water bottles and other random stuff. He also had a lot of knives in one of his drawers, mostly various Swiss Army knives and kitchen knives. I grabbed all the pocketknives and as many of the longer knives as I could (I couldn't put them in the bag), and then his mom told me we were going to some shelter or something to meet up with other survivors. She said I wasn't supposed to tell anyone who our leader was, and that at some point we would have to "lay eggs" or something, and I would have to breed with her son. So I asked her something like, "Are you sure you want me to breed with your son? Our children would be really short." Not to mention that pregnant women are much more of a burden than an asset during a zombiepocalypse, since they're basically useless and would be even more sought after by zombies (mmm, dinner AND dessert, just tear it open to find the delicious baby brains...). I looked out a window and saw three zombies standing by a weak spot in the wall, and one of them said they were going to break in and get us. I realized this was a video game, and there was even a minimap in the corner. So I grabbed the two longest knives I could while they broke the wall open, and when they came in, I slashed at them (they turned very cartoonish, and there was even corny game music in the background). After a few hits, they would fall to pieces and disappear. So I killed the three of them, but I knew there would be more. That's all I remember of that dream, anyway...

Upon waking, I contemplated what my role would really be during a zombiepocalypse. I think I'd make a great sniper if you gave me a rifle and a high window. I'm good at riflery (it's in my blood), and I could pick off zombies before they could get to us. I don't think I'd be so great at breeding or repopulating the earth though. Sure, I could probably handle it physically (though I sure wouldn't want to), but I probably shouldn't be held responsible for children for longer than a couple hours...

Anyway. Things seem to be well here. Yay.
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