July 22nd, 2008

I love my hand!

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So I had another interesting dream last night. Apparently one of my guy friends was dating this girl I really hated who doesn't actually exist (not the girl he's currently dating). Apparently, she was part badger and had badger claws from the elbows and knees down. But these claws had extra-long middle claws (kind of like an eye-eye, but more badger-ish). She had black wavy hair and a very bitchy disposition. She had a son who looked about 9 years old. He had a brown bowl cut and was actually a decent kid. So my friend was attached to him and would take him to bars or something (yeah, great idea there... start him off early). But my friend was sick of dating Badger Girl and wanted to break up with her but was avoiding it. Maybe he was afraid she'd go for the jugular with her badger claws or something. He managed to make her lose 2 of her claws, but he just couldn't break up with her. They were all standing outside in a swamp area. For some reason, my family was there too, and they also hated Badger Girl. Her son was playing games on a laptop or something. I decided to walk away from the swamp for a while and see if my friend would break up with Badger Girl while I was gone. I came back a while later, but Badger Girl and her son were still there. I got really irate at my friend, since he was just procrastinating, and putting off breaking up with someone always makes things worse (especially if she has claws). I decided that if he couldn't end the relationship, I would just have to kill Badger Girl. But I didn't want to hurt her son, since he was a nice kid, so I decided not to. Instead, I decided to draw cartoons of my friend walking out of a building wearing a fancy hat.

Hmmm. Badger Girl sounds like a silly supervillain idea. Trapping otherwise nice guys in crappy relationships and intimidating them with her freaky badger claws. An idea headed right for the slush pile.

It reminded me of that Werewolf novel I started to write last year. Badger Girl reminded me of the love interest's bitchy girlfriend who Werewolf Girl lures to her "moon room" and "accidentally" murders/devours.

I swear, I'm not fixated on violent animal/human hybrids. Just nice ones! Like mermaids! Who... lure sailors to their watery tombs... Oh, nevermind.
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