July 23rd, 2008

Panda porn!

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A couple Confluence-related things:

a) Since the writing exercises have fallen into my diabolical hands this year, I'm just wondering what you folks would like to get out of them this year. By that, I mean in terms of things like whether you'd like exercises that are more general or specifically genre-related, how much group interaction you like, silly vs. serious exercises (I like potentially humorous exercises, but I know that Grownups attend these exercises too, not that Grownups lack senses of humor, but they might approach humor in a different way, and I'll remove my foot from my mouth now), and so forth. I just want to know what you'd like to get out of the writing exercises this year. I will quite likely make them up during my morning showers before the exercises (showers are unnaturally good thinking places), but I want them to be fun and useful. Of course, I'm not too worried, I know that any load of tripe I come up with will be better than that exercise a few years ago that involved going around the room and repeating the same "Oh crap, our ship is doomed" speech slightly differently each time. Oh, and COME TO THE WRITING EXERCISES!

b) [I posted this to the Alpha-Alumni LJ and Yahoo groups already, but I figured it was worth posting here too.] So, this is last-minute and all, but if anyone is still looking for a place to crash during Confluence, I have room for another person (or more, if people don't mind sleeping on the floor). It's a non-smoking room, and it will be co-ed. So far, there are three of us in the room (Megan, my college friend Ben, and me), but another body or two to split the bill would help. If there are four people in the room, it should be roughly $55 per person for both nights, but I won't ask for payment until the check-out bill comes.

Yay, 2 days until Confluence! Wooo!
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