July 28th, 2008

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Confluence was awesome, as usual. A lot of my good friends showed up (including a few who don't go every year and a couple noobs), so there was almost never a dull moment (and dull moments were a welcome break from being hypersocial). I met a few interesting new people too. And I must say I have no real complaints (a couple WTFs, but I can't really complain) other than we could have found a fourth person to share the room and saved like $20 each.

Some highlights from this year:
- I have to say I love the new location. I probably said most of this last year too, but they give you cookies at check-in, it's bigger and much less crowded (I love that the con suite has 3 rooms now), the beds are comfy, the hotel staff is nice (and must be patient with all of us geeky weirdos running rampant), and I love that uppity butler statue in the lobby.
- Crazy late-night con suite nametag-swapping cuddle-orgies are hilarious.
- Francesca stopped by briefly, which was cool, and she gave me this awesome and slightly ridiculous in a fun way dream catcher she made as a belated bithday present (she made it while watching Spongebob, which I think is appropriate).
- Leperotica! Hee.
- I bought some yarn (I think it's gone from a hobby to an outright vice), a couple t-shirts, and a new set of dice. No books, oddly enough, but I have about a million books here that I need to unpack and read (not that it's ever stopped me before).
- The writing exercises went well, I think. It seems like people had fun. We had a good turnout, and Megan and I came up with some good ideas. It was also cool seeing our names on the program. They also put my name on the t-shirt, which made me feel proud (they probably would have put Megan's name there too, but she didn't pre-reg since she didn't know whether she was coming until a few days before the con).
- I love how Diane always gets assigned to the sex panels. It's cute how she blushes so much.
- It's so awesome that there's an Indian lunch buffet practically across the street from the hotel. It's not as good as Zaiaka, but it's still satisfying.

So it was a fun yet exhausting weekend. I came back, hung out with Ben for a bit before he left, and then checked my email and fell asleep on the couch for several hours. (I missed the finale of "The Next Food Network Star," but I can still watch it tomorrow, since it's On Demand. I love digital cable with FiOs.) So that's why I'm up now, though I'm going to go to bed after this and get some more sleep since I have to go back to work in 6 hours and 20 minutes. *sigh*

Also, you guys were right. Removing my gender and changing my relationship status to anything but single on Facebook did get rid of those pesky weight loss and dating ads. Woot!
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