August 10th, 2008

"I'm a nun - I'm a penguin!"

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So Evil Thom brought up those annoying Facebook "Compare People" emails that they send every 2 minutes, specifically strengths/weaknesses. Personally, I find those emails amusing (especially the ones that tell me who my hottest single friends are - and I tend to disagree, since my standards of physical attraction tend to be rather unconventional, and about 75% of the person's attractiveness depends on how long and/or curly the person's hair is) and don't take them very seriously, because I realize we're all comparing each other to our other friends, and we all have some pretty interesting and weird friends.

So here are mine:


best travel companion
best to be stuck in handcuffs with

a) I suppose I would be entertaining to travel with, as long as you are not a relative. Friends are a lot of fun to travel with. Family, not so much, although it really depends on who I would be traveling with (for example, traveling with both my mom and sister is an ordeal, because all they do is argue with each other). But I don't travel with my friends enough.

b) I don't think you'd want to be stuck in handcuffs with me. For one thing, I freak out if I don't have unrestricted movement of my arms (and traumatizing memories of people grabbing me by the wrist and not letting go doesn't help). Also, I squirm a lot. You would really start to resent me in less than five minutes.

c) Ok, I can deal with craziest. Yay! :D


best room-mate
most talkative

a) Yeah, I'm a crappy roommate. I try to keep my messes confined to my own personal space and keep them out of common areas, and I expect others to do the same. But I'm terrible about doing dishes, I spend most of my time ignoring roommates, and I leave questionable stuff lying everywhere. Good thing I have my own house now, huh? It works out very well. I like living alone.

b) That goes without saying. Literally. People often complain that I'm too quiet. But I can live with that. Because once I open my mouth, you'll want me to shut up. Apparently I'm rather infamous for being really really quiet and then saying the most outrageous things. Hah!

I don't see how these are necessarily strengths and weaknesses either. I mean, what's wrong with not being talkative? And who cares if I'm a crappy roommate if I'm not currently living with anyone? Also, "craziest" could be interpreted in many ways...

Anyway. Back from Pennsic. Working again. Weee. Well, at least Ben and Rose are coming to visit in 2 weeks, so I have something to look forward to, and that should get me through the next couple weeks of Mundania.
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