August 14th, 2008

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You know how a lot of women get all excited about babies and have crazy surges of estrogen whenever they see them? Well, I'm like that with kittens. Babies just don't do it for me (they can be cute from a distance when they're clean and quiet, but I stay out of puking radius until they're potty trained and can string together a sentence), but show me a kitten and I'm suddenly squealing and awwwwing like a lady at a baby shower. Call it "caternal instinct," if you will.

I've started "nesting." I got a bunch of kitten supplies today. (I already have cat stuff at my house, but caternal instinct says I need MORE!) I'm definitely getting kittens sometime this weekend. Gah kittens...

Some girls obsess over boys and dream of their weddings. Some girls obsess over babies and dream of becoming mommies. I obsess over kittens and dream of becoming a crazy cat lady.

There was a young woman who lived on Penn View.
She had so many kittens, she didn't know what to do.
She gave them some catnip without any bread,
Then rubbed all their bellies and snorgled in bed.
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