August 28th, 2008


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Just in case you didn't have quite enough proof that I have a dirty mind...
On my way to work this morning, I was driving behind a car that had the license plate "PBC LSE." I immediately thought, "Pubic lice? Eww!"

I got a new sound card for my desktop computer, since the current one apparently stopped working for some reason (I've had the computer for like 7 1/2 years). I'll install it later today and then hope it works, because that computer has all the good games on it, and I'm a nerd. Last time I installed new hardware (an updated graphics card, which totally made gaming a million times better), I was so worried about static that I stripped down to a t-shirt and underwear and installed the card in the bathroom. I'll probably do that again, only in the kitchen this time.

I also got Sims 2: Castaway for the Wii. I played it for a while last night, and I like it. So far, my only real complaint is that the text is kind of hard to read if you're playing on a small TV (my TV screen is smaller than my laptop monitor). I like that this game has objectives and isn't just the same "eat, sleep, poop, go to work" routine of the other Sims games. Plus, I always like those survival stories where people get stuck on an island or in the wilderness and have to start from scratch. It's a little weird that these people randomly carry toilet paper around with them, though. I mean, if I was thrown overboard in a boating accident, I would probably still have a few things with me (generally my wallet, keys, pocketknife, and my cell phone, which would probably be damaged beyond repair if submerged in the ocean), but toilet paper isn't something I carry around with me, and it would probably get all soggy and warped and shredded in a boating accident anyway. I also like that you can make friends with chimpanzees. (What are they doing on tropical islands?)
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