August 29th, 2008

I love my hand!

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I'm getting ready to go up to Vermont tomorrow morning. By "getting ready" I mean doing laundry so I can pack, and I bought some snacks for the car. It's nearly an 11-hour drive, but that's ok. I have to go every year, otherwise I'll spontaneously combust or something. (I am a slave to tradition, I admit, but it would just be WRONG if I missed a year, since I've gone every year since I was born.) Pop Pop is going to be the only person there, but oh well. We can watch the Red Sox, and he'll ask me about work, and I'll make my annual pilgrimage to Dakin Farm for maple syrup and stuff (even though I probably have at least one unopened jug lying around). I'm coming back Monday, and on the way back, I'm going to go get kittens from Tammy. She's in Atlanta for the weekend, but her assistant will be around, so I can pick them up in the afternoon. Yay! I'm excited.
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