September 6th, 2008


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Boy, the girls have been getting a lot of attention. So far 8 people have come to visit them (4 today). Laura and her grandmother came over earlier to see them. Laura's grandma is so adorable and sweet, and she kept talking about how when she was a little girl, they had a mama cat who was always having kittens (that's why you spay 'n neuter, folks), and she'd dress up the kittens in doll clothes and put them in the baby carriage (they didn't like that, surprise, surprise).

huy1`u?"""*000.3 bOUNCER THE future prizewinning novelist really loves perching on my shoulders, and she'll often just flop over on one shoulder or under my chin and have a nap. I'll enjoy it while it lasts. In a few weeks, she'll be too big to do that. She looks so adorable after taking a drink of water, because she'll always have a big drop of water dangling from her chin (and then, of course, she comes over and passes it on to me). She and Yarmulke will have these great epic battles and chase each other around the room, pouncing and swatting and all that fun stuff. And then they'll snorgle later, or Yarmulke will wash Bouncer's face. They're so funny.

I learned that it's probably a good idea to keep them in the guest room at night for the time being. I decided to leave the door open last night and see if they wanted to come sleep with me. Well, several times in the wee hours, Yarmulke came in, walked all over me, and bit my nose if I ignored her or didn't wake up. And I like my sleep uninterrupted and bite-free, so they'll stay in the guest room at night and while I'm at work. For a while, anyway. Once they're closer to adulthood, they can roam the house freely, and I'll let them in my room at night if they promise not to climb Mt. Ade, attack my feet, and bite my nose.
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