September 26th, 2008

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I'm in yr LJ, steelin' yr memez...

[1] Under what circumstances would you be willing to attempt to assassinate the political leader of your country?

Well, if the leader was a douche of epic proportions, like Hitler or something, and I had the resources and knew I would be successful and wouldn't get caught, I might hire someone else to do it. I'd make a horrible assassin.

[2] Who do you think would make a better US president: Hitler or Stalin? (You can't say neither... in this world it's illegal for you to not vote)

Uh... I'm going to go with Stalin, because I like Jews. And homosexuals. And disabled people. And other people Hitler liked to murder.

[3] If you had to bomb one city, anywhere in the world, which would you pick? (Picking none is not an option for this question.)

Maybe that city where the Westboro Baptist Church is... I would get horribly sadistic pleasure out of it, too.

[4] Is there ever a good reason for terrorism?


[5] If there existed an infallible robot of super-human intelligence, would you vote for it as president of the world?

The idea of one being leading the entire world is mind-bogglingly scary. It's bad enough that we have one person with so much power over this country, but the world? I wouldn't vote for a robot.

[6] Under what circumstances would you agree to have your country's army disbanded?

Maybe if the Amish seceded and formed their own nation, and I moved there...

[7] When cloning technology is perfected, do you think war should be fought with clones?

No. I think if world leaders are having problems with each other, they should quit being pussies and having other people fight for them. They should duke it out themselves, gladiator-style. That would be awesome.

[8] What's more immoral, stealing to feed your children or working for an arms manufacturer?

I'm going to go with stealing, because not all arms are bad.

[9] Should there be shame in being on welfare or other forms of state benefits?

No. Unless you're actually unemployed by choice and have decided to mooch off taxpayers instead of being responsible. Then, you should be ashamed of yourself.

[10] If you were homeless and could get no help from government, would it be wrong to set up a home (tent/house/whatever) on land protected for environmental reasons? If you did, who would be culpable, you or government?

*sings* You think you own whatever land you land on. / The earth is just a dead thing you can claim...
I think it's ok to pitch a tent as long as you're not on private property or something. But you can't just build a house wherever. I don't know who'd be culpable. I don't know much about land laws and government programs.

[11] Should people need a license to have children?

No. That's ridiculous. Reproduction is a basic human right.

[12] Should anyone ever be forced to have an abortion, and under what circumstances?


[13] Do you think it's fair that rent can be upped if you have pets but not if you have children?


[14] Should corporal punishment, with parental permission, be reintroduced in schools?


[15] Given that fast food is more harmful to your health than marijuana, should it be banned?

No. And marijuana shouldn't be banned either. And if you're going to use that "drugs mess up your life" argument, I just want to say that everyone has the right to mess up their lives however they want, because we are ultimately responsible for how we turn out.

[16] Do you think it's okay for companies to run drug tests for jobs which don't involve operating heavy or dangerous machinery?

Not really...

[17] Are people who say they love animals but eat factory farmed meat hypocrites?

No. I like plants, and I still devour them mercilessly. You have to kill to survive, even if you're an herbivore.

[18] Under what circumstances would you be willing to consume human flesh?

I want to try it someday just to see what it tastes like. Not like eat a whole steak or anything, just a little taste to determine the flavor and be able to brag that I ate human flesh. But I wouldn't kill anyone for it or anything like that.

[19] Are all (post-natal) human lives equal in value/worth?

I think a life is a life. And human lives are no better than animal lives. Where do people get off thinking they're better than all other species on this planet, anyway? Life is life.

[20] If communication was developed with an animal sufficient that they could communicate consent, would it be wrong to have consensual sex with the animal?

Uh... if they could clearly communicate consent, I don't think it would necessarily be ethically wrong, but it would still be kinda creepy, and I sure wouldn't do it.

[21] What do you think the age of sexual consent should be?

I really don't know. People mature at different rates. I think stuff like this should be looked at on an individual basis.

[22] Do you think porn that contains hyper-realistic depictions of children (modelled, painted, etc) should be legally regarded as the same as real-child porn?

No, there's a difference. I think it should still be illegal, but real child porn is child abuse, and there should be much more serious consequences for that.

[23] If you had to burn one book, what book would you pick?

If it's just me burning one copy of a book... I'd go with "Pride and Prejudice," merely because I hated that book and had to read it several times for various classes.

[24] Would you burn a cross whilst dressed in white robes for a million dollars?

Yes. See, I would attach no meaning to the actual act. Of course, I would do it somewhere very private so people wouldn't get the wrong idea, but simply burning a piece of wood while wearing certain clothing isn't objectionable. It's the connotations people associate with it. Now, if you offered me a million dollars to actively join a KKK ritual, then I'd object. It's not worth it. That would pretty much destroy my reputation, I'd probably lose my job, and even if I tried to convince people that my heart wasn't in it and I was only doing it for the money, it still wouldn't be worth it.

[25] Should time travel, if it ever becomes a reality, be legal given all the risks it poses to life as we know it?

I don't know. How do we know it isn't legal in the future and many world events are caused by people from the future coming back?

[26] If you had an envelope containing absolute proof of the existence or non-existence of any deity of your choice, would you open it?


[27] Should suicide be legal/acceptable for long-term debilitating / emotionally painful incurable mental illnesses? Does your answer to this differ from your answer to the same question with regards to painful, debilitating physical illnesses?

I think it should be legal and acceptable. You have a right to your own life, and you should be free to end it. However, if that was legal, we'd have a lot more whiny emo kids dropping off and taking the pussy way out. Many mental illnesses can be successfully treated, if not cured, and even if you have chronic depression, it's generally not worth it to end your life. But if you seriously live your whole life in a pit of misery and your existence is sheer torture on a daily basis, it should be your right to end it. As for physical illnesses, I think it's cruel to force people to live in serious pain when there's no hope of recovery. We often keep people alive much longer than they should actually live, and when people look forward to death as a relief from physical suffering, it shouldn't be denied. The one thing you have that's truly yours is your life.
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