October 3rd, 2008

I love my hand!

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No, I didn't watch the debate last night, so I have nothing political to say. Instead, I watched the Disney Channel. I must say, adding muppets to the mix makes the shows infinitely more awesome and hilarious.

My dream last night: I was at the top of the hill in my neighborhood, only it was kind of a combination of my current neighborhood and my mom's neighborhood, because I was standing near the top of the hill in my mom's neighborhood, but my house was down the road in the other direction (the street loops around like an inverted U). Fred Phelps was with me, in this big Winnebago, only he wasn't driving it. I don't remember what I said to him, but then I gave the Winnebago a push and sent it careening down the hill. I watched it go, and it ran over a few lawns before getting to the main road. I hoped he wouldn't make it to the driver's seat in time and it would crash (without actually hurting anyone else or causing too much property damage), but I didn't see or hear a crash, so I quickly flew back to my house (yes, I flew) and hoped he wouldn't come back and try to get me or something. I went inside my house (my house always looks somewhat different in dreams, and this time the porch stairs were in the middle instead of off to the side) and stood in the doorway, half expecting to see an irate Fred Phelps come barreling down the street in a Winnebago looking for me. But he didn't return. Good thing too, although if he and his crazy family stood on my lawn with their "God hates fags" signs, I might have to go "mow the lawn." With a chainsaw.

Then Deltron randomly showed up and asked if I happened to have some obscure tool I'd never heard of (it was apparently sort of like a cross between a screwdriver, drill bit, and chisel). I asked my dad, who happened to be there, if he had one, and he started rummaging through a ton of tools (my dining room was now a tool shed, apparently). While my dad was looking for the random tool, Deltron started bitching about how women were always using him, and every girl he ever dated was a huge bitch. I was only half-listening, because these two kids came over and started playing violins on my front lawn. They were a brother and sister who looked about 13 or 14, dressed in white robes. I couldn't tell what race they were, but they both had dark, curly hair. I wanted to find some money to give them, but then a whole bunch of neighborhood kids appeared on my porch. Some lady asked me if I liked kids, I said yes, and everyone cheered.

Here's an interesting article on being "mostly" vegetarian. Hooray for not being strict and anal about your diet! (Although if there's anything "anal" about your diet... eww. Stay away from me.)
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