October 27th, 2008

I love my hand!

Writer's Block: The Undead

With Halloween on the horizon, burning questions about the undead need to be answered: Can being a zombie be considered suffering?

I don't think so, since a zombie is just an animated corpse. The person's soul is no longer with the body and has probably moved on, so they wouldn't be suffering the same fate as their corpse, which is now useless to them. Zombies don't really feel anything, they're more like mindless automatons.

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I bought some bulbs and stuff today (crocuses, irises, and tulips). Some of the tulips I got are dark purple and called "Queen of Night." I expect them to serenade me with an aria when they bloom. Because, yanno, I don't get enough of that song since it's my ring tone and all... and my alarm clock... for when I hit snooze half a dozen times in the morning... [After watching "The Magic Flute" with subtitles, I gained a new appreciation for the song, since the Queen of Night is basically threatening to disown her daughter if she doesn't kill her new cult leader, who had betrayed her father or something. The story isn't that great, but the music is awesome, and that aria is pretty much the best scene in the whole opera.]

I did a few things over the weekend. I went to Fright Night at Kennywood (I hadn't been to Kennywood in like 7-8 years), got the next Cyclor and some other pumpkins, visited with Jen, realized I should never be left unsupervised in a pet store (my kittens don't mind being spoiled, anyway), and sorta cleaned up a little bit, but only "sorta." I still haven't figured out my Halloween costume, even though I wandered around a Halloween store for a while. But I did get a life-size cardboard Obama, which I will put in my front window. I'm a little worried that my kittens will attack him, because they a) have a cardboard scratching post, b) are box-a-holics, and c) love perching on the front window sill. But we'll see how that goes. I also got a Hogwarts Banner, which I'm totally hanging somewhere in my house, because I'm all about the geek decor.
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