October 29th, 2008

Tim Curry just plain rocks

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Still no Halloween costume. I wandered around the mall yesterday but didn't see anything. Although there's this new toy store there. It's full of action figures and comic books and has a zombie mini-museum in back. It's basically a total nerdgasm. I went to a big Halloween store and didn't see anything either. Why is it that 75% of the grownup female costumes they sell are sexy costumes? Now, there's nothing wrong with sexy costumes or anything, but really, some of us like costumes that are more, uh, modest. I looked at the male costumes too, but all the cool ones were really expensive. Sigh.

I'm thinking of making a tail and pinning it onto my red footie pajamas and going as Charmander or something. *shrug* I just don't really feel like spending money. Plus, then I could just fall into bed at night, and any excuse to be lazy is a good excuse.
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