November 26th, 2008

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So I've decided that this will be the last year I spend the holidays (Thanksgiving and/or Christmas) with any immediate family members if they're just going to stay here and not have anybody over. I've been thinking about it for a while, but tonight I decided that's the way it's going to be. I'm just tired of all the awkwardness and how stressed out everyone gets, and it's just not fun. I like Thanksgiving because it's a great big feast, but why bother if it's only a few people that you see all the time anyway? And I don't even like Christmas. I don't celebrate it because I'm not a Christian, and quite frankly, I despise almost everything about the holiday (mostly because of overcommercialization that starts in September or October, annoying Salvation Army bell-ringers, and nothing but Christmas music playing EVERYWHERE for like 3 months straight).

So what triggered this? Well, originally the plans were that if my aunt and uncle came, we'd eat at home, no problem. If not, we'd go next door and have another Jewish Thanksgiving with the Ziffs. But nooooo, Her Royal Highness, Princess Katie didn't want to go next door, and neither did her royal slave Jesse, so my mom agreed that we'd stay home instead. I did actually tell them my opinion on this arrangement, but Katie wouldn't have it any other way. So it's just the four of us. Booooooring. I'd say "fuck it" and go eat with the Ziffs anyway, but my mom stresses out way too much over holidays anyway and would flip shit if I abandoned her with those two this year. So I'll bite my lip and deal with it this year. But that's it. I'm not doing it again. And I'll let them know, too. I've had enough of this. Next year, they can count me out of their awkward, half-assed holiday celebrations.

Next year, unless something cooler comes up, I will spend Thanksgiving with people I actually want to be with. If nothing interesting is going on family-wise, I'll get together with friends who are also eager for an excuse to avoid their families. I know plenty of people who would rather not deal with family members, especially around the holidays. We will have our own feast, and it will be awesome. And on December 25, I'm going to take my day off and spend it lying around in my pajamas with my cats and playing video games. Nobody has to buy me any presents unless they want to, and in return, I'll avoid my usual putting-off-the-dreaded-shopping-until-the-23rd except for maybe friends and people who buy me stuff, because I'd feel bad if the gifting was one-sided.

So this is it for local family holidays for me (although if I go somewhere else, or extended family comes to visit, I'm ok with that). I've had enough, and I think my 25th year is a good year to end it. I'm old enough to do what I want, and if family members say "we're doing this," I can say "no thank you."

On the plus side, I'll probably get to see one or two friends this weekend, and I'm going to North Carolina a couple days after Christmas to see extended family. And I don't have to work for 4 days in a row, which makes me happy. Yay for sleeping in!
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