February 3rd, 2009


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I don't mind if I get the occasional midnight "I'm depressed" phone call from a friend, even though I suck at conversation and can't really offer much more than "things will eventually get better." I guess the whole "being there and listening" thing is the important part, though. I just hate it when it gets my brain cranking, and then I end up writing a really long thesis email about my physical contact issues the next morning. Sheesh.

You know what would make the new Transformers movie (which I can't wait to see) more awesome? If Shia LaBoeuf (or however he spells his name) would put down the freakin' scissors and stop cutting his hair. I mean, the kid had an adorable jewfro on "Even Stevens," but then he grew up and started appearing in every action movie ever (seriously, is that necessary?), and he's all "screw you, jewfro, I'm keeping my hair short." WHYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Embrace the jewfro! Let those fabulous curls bounce free! I don't care if you're not 12 any more, you can still rock the jewfro at early-20-something! I bet Optimus Prime would approve. (Also, the first Transformers movie made it blaringly obvious that there would be a sequel. Come on, did you really think that dumping a bunch of dead Decepticons into the ocean would be a great idea?)
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