February 22nd, 2009

I love my hand!

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Phew. I actually got a break this weekend. I kept expecting to get called in to work, but I didn't. I'm still paranoid that I'll go to work tomorrow and they'll say "WHY WEREN'T YOU HERE WE CALLED A MILLION TIMES." But I spent the majority of the weekend gaming and watching movies and season 1 of Kyle XY. (Boy, Josh looks young... and I had forgotten about all the plugs for Sour Patch Kids, hahaha.) But... back to work tomorrow. Weee. I hope I don't have to work too many evenings this week, because I was really getting burned out. But I'm glad I had this weekend to myself, because I needed it. Lots of down time, I did some much-needed grocery shopping, and! And! I actually cooked something. Yes, Ms. Lazypants baked some spaghetti squash. That wasn't frozen, canned, or boxed. Wooooo. I also had some quality time with my girls, and I think they appreciate that. I drifted awake one night to find Bouncer lying in my arms, purring away, and it was so adorable.

I went to my mom's for dinner on Friday, and Bonnie, Josh, and Tom were there. At one point, my mom whipped out the Iceland/Denmark photo album, and Tom pointed out my mom's hilarious misspelling of "dikes." Insert copious jokes here. I was amused.
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