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12th March 2009

9:29am: I took yesterday off since there wasn't really anything to do at work, and Andy was visiting. We saw "Watchmen," and I pretty much agree with what everyone and their mother has been saying about it. Surprisingly good, if a little too "let's delve into everyone's tormented pasts" at times, and holycrapbluepenis. Actually, the whole blue penis thing was done tastefully, and I'm glad that nudity is becoming more acceptable in mainstream cinema, especially in a non-sexual way. I mean, if a guy likes to walk around naked most of the time, there's nothing wrong with that. Besides, there are only so many "conveniently-located objects" shots you can do before it just gets ridiculous. Also, I want a horned tiger.
Current Mood: okay


11:29pm: When I came home from work today, Andy had made some spaghetti squash. Mmmmm. It was nice to come home and find dinner almost ready. He'd make a good little housewife. I drove him to his grandma's this evening, and apparently his family thinks I'm his girlfriend. What, can't people of different genders be friends without people making assumptions? *shrug*

My allergies decided to go haywire yesterday and today, and I really need to stop using fast food napkins and paper towels instead of tissues, because my nostrils are sore. I have tissues, I'm just lazy and grab whatever is closest. Silly Ade.
Current Mood: tired


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