March 17th, 2009

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No, no, NO! You do NOT end a series right in the middle of the climax! Seriously! I'd understand if it was the season finale, but not the END of the entire series! I screamed "WHAT THE F&@%?!?!?!?!" so loud at the end that I freaked out my cats. Arrrrrrgh. Screw you, ABC Family! If you had just ordered a 4th season of Kyle XY like a good little station, everything would be fine!

And then I kept having Kyle XY dreams last night. It was spooky.

And watching "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" makes me want to get a hysterectomy. Sheeeeeeesh.

(I know, I have no life.)
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I love my hand!

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So, I'm looking for a new laptop. And I'm reaching out to you, my beloved pool of nerds, for any recommendations you might have.

Stuff I want:
- For one thing, it has to not overheat all the time. No giant fan on the bottom, I guess.
- Its primary use will be for web-related stuff and writing. Secondary use will be gaming.
- I'd prefer sticking with a PC with Windows XP, for the sake of familiarity. I've heard the "Macs rule" and "Linux rules" speeches a bajillion times before. But I generally dislike change, unless I can't take it any longer.
- Cost-wise, I guess I'll have to do more research on how much laptops cost these days (I bought my old one almost 4 years ago), but uh... something between kinda-inexpensive (no more cheap-ass crappy laptops) and medium price.

I'm also considering learning some type of programming, but I know very little about it.
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